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Sales Psychology
Sales is an Art, Not a Science

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Sales Psychology - 2011
Sales is an Art, Not a Science



Who sells? Everyone! Cardinals sell the Pope, artists sell art galleries and husbands sell their wives on their next vacation destination. Successful people know the motivations, needs and desires of their query or do not prevail. Getting your way in life is truly an art of persuasion. The #1 talent in making deals is empathy - the gold standard of persuasion followed by Charisma, Confidence and Drive.

Sex at Pelican Place - 2011
In Sand & Surf
Written by 'Dr. Love' (Dr. Randy Love)
Distributed by Gene Landrum

Lothario lovers for some reason come to believe they are invisible – they’re not. In this tropical abode cougars believe they are ageless in spreading their orgasmic mysticism and Mr. Big Bucks think they are Casanovas. Randy Love and his soul-mate Daphne Lovelorn relate a series of true stories in this fabled tropical town near the beach where fiction trumps truth and mystical mantras are more surreal than real.

Warriors Who Win - 2011
Daring & Different

Look into the minds and hearts of the world’s greatest warriors: Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Geronimo, George Patton and others. It delves into the psyches of each to find what made them invincible warriors and why Cortes burned his own ships, Mao killed more people than Hitler and Stalin combined and how Gandhi brought down the British Empire in India.

Cover Your Assets - 2009

Political pundits say, “Bring those lost jobs back to America.”  They don’t get it. American leaders lost those jobs due to a self-serving – take care of me now mindset. It resulted in an export-oriented nation becoming an importer. The jobs were not taken. They were given. Cover Your Assets delves deeply into how this Greek Tragedy...

The Innovative Mind - 2008

Since 83% of learning is visual, this book depicts every theory with an image to force the reader to learn while they are reading. Innovative Minds are Malleable; they become more Innovative via processes.To Change Your Life - Stop being what you are by becoming what you desire to be!Ø Innovators go where the pack fears; xenophobia is never a factor...

Paranoia & Power - 2007
The Fear & Fame of Entertainment Icons

Is Your Life a Comedy or Tragedy? Get Crazy, to Get Creative! In this book you will learn to use inner fear to find fame and fortune; ideas to zap mental baggage; and discover guidelines for personal transformation...


The Psychology of Empowerment - 2006

An insightful exploration into what makes superstars and eminent overachievers tick in all walks of life including sports, business and life. The two-disk set puts into audio what the book puts into words. Landrum discusses the vagaries of the heart and the head in peak performance...

Empowerment - 2006
The Competitive Edge in Sports, Business, & Life

~ Is your Self-Efficacy equivalent to Muhammad Ali?
~ Can you Visualize like Wayne Gretzky and Greg Louganis?
~ Are you as Competitive as Michael Jordan?
~ Do you possess the Risk-Taking Propensity...

The Superman Syndrome - 2005
You Become What You Think
Supermen have Insatiable Psychic Energy. They are intrepid optimists with a penchant for being different (iconoclasts all), passionate, charismatic and intuitive. What is Superman Syndrome? When the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual meld into one surreal state of omipotent...


Entrepreneurial Genius - 2004
The Power of Passion

Dr. Gene’s Laws of Entrepreneurship are explored through the lives and achievements of twelve of the world’s most eminent entrepreneurs from Coco Chanel – voted greatest female entrepreneur of the 20th century and Henry Ford with the same accolades for males.  Sam Walton, Richard Branso...

Sybaritic Genius - 2001
Sex Drive & Success

The Sybarities were from Southern Italy where hedonism reigned supreme. Landrum's new book is about those who allow passion to dominate their lives but who found ultimate peace in the process. Landrum talks about “Getting excited or getting out." Even if digging a ditch Landrum says, "Dig it with fervor and you will not be digging a ditch, you will be instructing others." He elevates passion to a...

Literary Genius - 2000
A Cathartic Inspiration

How Does One Become A Literary Genius? For starters it is not inherited. It is acquired. This book is an exploration into what makes the literary genius tick. Is it style, panache, or a way with words? Are the good ones normal, happy, or content? Not so, says Landrum, convinced he knows the pathway to creative expression...

Eight Keys to Greatness - 1999

This is a non-fiction work on the lives and behavioral characteristics of forty preeminent visionaries who changed the world by daring to be different. The subjects encompass a Wide range of disciplines including the Arts [Picasso & Ann Rice]: Business [Bill Gates, & Helena Rubinstein]: Humanities [Mother Teresa & Martin Luther King); Politics [Catherine the Great & Mao Zedung]: Science [Einstein & Madam Curie]: and Sports (Michael Jordan & Babe Didrickson Zaharias]. Others included are Darwin...

Prometheus 2000 - 1997
Truth - Vision - Power

This action-filled novel is set in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of electronics where the future of computers is played out between Big Yellow and a Far East Carte. Would America lose cyberspace as they lost consumer electronics some years earlier? Undoubtedly, if the self-serving bureaucrats are allowed to sacrifice the future for a safe present. The story is a philosophic exploration into the motivations of those in power and visionaries. The myopic politicians are...

Profiles of Power & Success - 1996
14 Geniuses Who Broke the Rules

This book is a Biographical study on the behavior characteristics of world leaders and creative geniuses and the success imprints that made them great. Those studied represent six disciplines including political leaders Napoleon and Hitler, business tycoons Howard Hughes & Helena Rubinstein, artistic geniuses Picasso & Isdora Duncan, and Scientist Nikola Tesla...

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